28 King Street
G1 5QP
'the sublime onanism'
installation with paper and cardboards

Artist Statement:


My works examine fantasy, unrequited love, memories, abandonment, daydreams and fears; shining a light into the darkness of the mental landscape of the human experience.

Thus it includes visual interpretations of personal fetishistic experiences and desire, a therapeutic use of the creative process to ease physical and emotional deficiency and encouraging us to explore and question our own mind. 



Catastrophe, humiliation, physical abuse and tragedy are inevitable states.

Although this notion may seem embarrassing, unpleasant, or even violent, it can also give rise to voyeuristic gazing with pleasure from the collective unconsciousness. i.e. it is deeply linked with the feeling of relief at the fact that heinous acts are remote from us. For me, this is usually a bizarre notion and feels as though I am daydreaming: a chaotic mixture of social stigma and individual trauma, inherited and experienced by both culture and individuals in both virtual and real space. 

am using the familiar visual language of the internet memes which represent post-internet generation captivated by social media, computer/online games and Japanese manga/animation to create immersive narratives that reveal the anxieties and desires of contemporary life.



In my current works, I often convey tabooed human fetish via fake naivety.

As my works describe concealed inclination and its deficiency, the boundary between what is abnormal behaviour or longing, and the questioning of the social conditions that dictate what is proper and what is not. Under certain conditions, human yearning; including perversion, violence, and dominance is nothing more than natural.

Thus we realise the voyeuristic male gazing and power play are immensely imbedded in the human society. After all, we are all craving for escaping the scrutiny of social morality.




Personal information

- Born in Seoul, South Korea, 1987
- Lives and works in Edinburgh


MFA Contemporary Art Practice, Edinburgh College of Art(present)
MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design
BFA, College of Visual Arts, Korea National University of Arts

Group show

- 'The Other Art Fair Bristol 2016', ARNOLFINI QUAY, Bristol, England(TBC)
- 'A Camel is a Horse', Transmission gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
- 'no bad wednesdyas', VoidoidARCHIVE, Glasgow, Scotland
- 'INTERIM 2016', Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
- 'Utopia:Dystopia', 94 Walcot Street, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath, England
- 'The Dark Side of LightNight' 104 DUKE St. COLLECTIVES, Liverpool, England
- 'HCM_business as usal' Embassy gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
- 'Artists' BookMarket 2016' Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
- 'SALON-ATHON' Embassy gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

- 'Have fun..' Sculpture Court_ECA, Edinburgh, Scotland
- 'The images as deviant' Owlstand, London, Digital web
- 'Handmaker Festival' M-stage, Seoul, Korea
- 'Boy X Lack' project space UNNI, Seoul, Korea
- 'MIND THE GAP' Project place_Banpo4 113-2, Seoul, Korea
- ‘RAINBOW MERCHANT’ Schwartz Gallery, London, England

- ‘MA Degree Show’ Chelsea College of Arts, London, England
- ‘Made in Arts London’ summer collection 2014, London, England
- ‘Chelsea Salon’, CONS Project, London, England
- ‘Pushing Boundary’ MA Interim Show, Cook House Gallery, London, England
- ‘4482[sasapari]’, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, England
- ‘Camden Show’, the Squat, London, England

- 'Chelsea Intro Show, Triangle and Cookhouse Gallery, London, England

- ‘BOB UP’ Young Korean Artists group exhibition, O’s gallery, Korea

- ‘BFA Degree Show’, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea

- ‘The Twenty’, 105 Gallery, Seoul, Korea



- 2016 'RSA John Kinross Scholarships to FLORENCE', Royal Scottish Academy_residency program, Florence, Italy(TBC)



- 2016 'RSA OPEN EXHIBITION 2016' Edinburgh, Scotland
- 2016 ‘Celeste Network’, Editors' choices_"Taboo", Italy
- 2014 ‘National Open Art Fair’, London, England
- 2014 ‘Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition 2014’, London, England

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'no bad wedenesdays'
handmade cutouts, 20x160cm(each), 2016
yandere simulator
wall paintings with acrylic and projection, 2016
aesthetic observer
wall painting installation, size variable, 2015
magic period
watercolour on paper, 30x30cm, 2015