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All Natural Relief curated by Vince Tillotson

  • Location : Transmission Gallery
  • Date : Friday, 16 December
  • Time : 6pm
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Treat yourself or someone special to a truly extravagant screening - one that will calm, moisturize & refresh the body and invigorate the mind & spirit.

✔Presented in eco-friendly reusable Transmission✔
Authentic Natural Pure Organic videos minerals provide tranquil & professional skin & body treatments:
1) Classified Digits (CHRISTINE SUN KIM & THOMAS MADER) &
2) The Self-Cleaning House (LILY BENSON).
Known for deep cleansing (drawing out toxins, impurities, & dirt) because they have fine grains that remove dead skin cells & make the skin glow. Tightens pores, moisturizes & hydrates skin for anti-aging effect. The works contain more minerals than any other art source in the world & many see effective relief for skin disorders including acne, eczema & psoriasis.
✔Please Relax Now (VIKA KIRCHENBAUER) adds an intense refreshing experience as it energizes, cleanses, & polishes your skin. Known for their anti-fungal anti-staph medicinal capabilities & peppermint leaves give extra exfoliation.
✔The Blue Tape (KATHY ACKER & ALAN SONDHEIM) invigorates your scalp as you melt into the happy person you were meant to be! Some swear it stimulates hair growth & suggest using it every day!
✔VINCE TILLOTSON (curation) helps relieve stress, migraines, & tired, sore & puffy eyes & may be used hot or cold.

Works by

Christine Sun Kim & Thomas Mader
Lily Benson
Vika Kirchenbauer
Kathy Acker & Alan Sondheim

**PLEASE NOTE** some of the content is sexually explicit ***

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