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But What Was Most Awful Was A Girl Who Was Singing

Jamie Crewe

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Saturday, 20 February - Saturday, 26 March
  • Time : 11am - 5pm, Tues - Sat
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Transmission are excited to present BUT WHAT WAS MOST AWFUL WAS A GIRL WHO WAS SINGING, a solo exhibition by Jamie Crewe. Please join us on 20th February for the opening night - Cosmocellos will be served.

'In 1975, [James] Bidgood contracted with Jack Deveau of Hand in Hand Films to make a porno film partly inspired by Genet's The Balcony. His agreement was to develop the lush aesthetic of Pink Narcissus on a more permissive scale, with triple-X-rated action. He'd designed a jade-green genie whose spread legs framed an arch over a huge swimming pool and whose crotch spewed red wine surrounded by golden penises that pumped incense.'

Bruce Benderson, James Bidgood (Taschen, 2009).

Jamie will film a new video work within the gallery, which will be shown alongside an anecdotal text, a sculpture and spatial elements. The work takes inspiration from the proposed collision of the filmmaker James Bidgood with Jean Genet's play The Balcony, as mentioned in Bruce Benderson's words above: a project started in 1975 and abandoned the same year amid bitter arguments between Bidgood and his funders. Genet's depiction of a luxurious brothel caught in a violent revolution both harmonises and jars with Bidgood's style of erotic fantasia, and Jamie's work uses this tension to create an ambivalent riposte to both sources. From this ambivalent soil themes of transfemininity, revolt, conflicted eroticism and student radicalisation will emerge.

The show will run from 20th February - 26th March

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