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Charlotte Procter presents Cinenova

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Saturday, 26 November
  • Time : 6pm
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On behalf of Cinenova, Working Group member Charlotte Procter will give a short presentation which will include film clips and other visual material from the collection.

Cinenova was founded in 1991 following the merger of two feminist film and video distributors, Circles and Cinema of Women. Both organisations aimed to provide the means to support the production and distribution of women’s work in this area, and played critical roles in the creation of an independent and radical media. Their merger meant that Cinenova now distributes over 500 titles that include experimental film, narrative feature films, artists’ film and video, documentary and educational videos made from the 1920s to the present. These include work about oppositional histories, postcolonial struggles, domestic and care work, and the representation of gender and sexuality, most importantly highlighting the relations and alliances between these different struggles. For now, the Cinenova working group are focussed on discussing the films as they are reflected in the present, keeping the collection active through organising screenings and workshops.

On the invitation of Transmission to present films from the Cinenova collection as part of the Video Show, each member of the working group has made a choice based on a personal interest. These film choices speak to a sense of urgency and questions surrounding political activism, feminist collections and overlooked histories. In this new context we would like to introduce ourselves, our history, structure and the politics of our practice.

Films include:

The Words/Woundsof Silence - Helen Doyle.
Who Takes The Rap-Immigration - Women and the Law Collective and Lai Hgan Walsh.
Keep Your Laws Off My Body - Catherine Gund and Zoe Leonard
You Got To Move - Lucy Phenix.
Plutonium Blonde - Sandra Lahire.
In Our Hands, Greenham - Tina Keane.
Liberty, Equality? Maternity? - S Fonseca, S Gillie, V Grut, J Holland.
Scula Senza Fine - Adriana Monti.
Sweet Sugar Rage - Sistren Theatre Collective.
Red Skirts On Clydeside - Sheffield Film Co-op.
Cultural Skitzo-Phrenia - Jamika Ajalon.

Image Credit : Still from Cultural Skitzo-Phrenia - Jamika Ajalon.

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