28 King Street
G1 5QP

Conversation, Snack, Share // Imagine Futures Together

  • Location : Transmisison
  • Date : Saturday, 17 June
  • Time : 17.30 - 21:00
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We invite you (*PoC only) to a private closing event of The Other'd Artist/s to have a conversation about what it is like to make work as a PoC// as an identifying and non-identifying black & brown creative in Scotland -

Which experiences have enabled you to thrive and which ones have been regressive-
What kind of space would you like to be a part of -
What do you imagine in a space / community / collective /events -
What is needed / reflected / celebrated / unwanted / desired ?

*We encourage this to be a safe space (therefore PoC only)
as to be able to go deeper in our sharing and conversation so we may take future action to support a thriving place for PoC creatives*

We are keen to connect with creatives and any PoC based here (Glasgow) and in the UK to join us for an informal conversation with some artist we have invited to contribute to this conversation so we may gather more insight into what this space (Transmission) can offer for the wider community.
(Only PoC committee members will be present at this event.)

approx. time scale plan:

17h exhibition closes
17:30 opening of conversation get-in (drinks & food)
18:00 leading into conversation
20:00 welcome to stay longer

This event has been encouraged by Travis Alabanza, however will not be lead by them, as they see the need for this event to be about Glasgow's future ->
PoC spaces//events//work//collaboration//support

We look forward to welcoming you here and hosting this conversation where everyone is welcoming to join in/listen/or leave.
Set up as a safe space with an intension to connect and share.
Please share this with your respective PoC networks.
See you soon,
with Love