28 King Street
G1 5QP

Erica Scourti

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Thursday, 28 January
  • Time : 7pm
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We're delighted to be announcing Erica Scourti in the last of our extended artist talk series!

Erica Scourti will be showing new work coming out of her recent research into and personal experience of darkness, unintelligibility and withdrawal as states of mind and as working methods. What comes after exposure and making visible? What happens when an artist features in their own work? What's worth putting faith into? And why bother anyway? With these questions loosely in mind, she will show Negative Docs, a new video work which uses sentiment analysis software, voice-search and speed-reading apps to take rhetorics of self-quantification as self-betterment to absurd heights.

She will also discuss other projects, like her ghost-written memoir The Outage and current commission Dark Archives, to explore the reading of the self entangled with technology and non human agencies, and the affective traces which the labour of 'appearing as yourself' leave on the body and mind of the artist.