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Free School: Contemporary Contexts for Yoruba and Ancient Indian Ideas on Space, Creativity and Self

Dr. Ranjana Thapalyal

  • Location : Zoom
  • Date : Wednesday, 05 August - Wednesday, 07 October
  • Time : 18:00 - 19:30, Wednesday
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Not all is justified by the name of old,
Nor is the new poem never extolled-
(the wise) examine, then select the best from both,
but fools merely parrot other’s quotes.

From the Sanskrit play Malavika and Agnimitra: Kalidasa, c 500 CE.


WHAT: Eight illustrated lectures, two seminars and several workshops. This course has been created and will be delivered by Dr. Ranjana Thapalyal.

WHEN: Every Wednesday, 18:00 - 19:30. Commencing Wednesday 5th August 2020.

COST: FREE, please email us at info@transmissiongallery.org to register.

We do ask that if you enroll in this school  that you endevour to attend all classes.



Within an inter-cultural, inter-textual and inter-sectional framework, this course charts a postcolonial, feminist and holistic route to nurturing ideas from two of the world’s earliest civilisations. This is done through an introduction to the philosophical foundations of Yoruba culture (originating in Southwest Nigeria, present in the Americas through the African diaspora) and ancient India (originary site of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain thought). 

The course will draw from many examples that demonstrate the centrality of creativity and criticality in ancient African and South Asian world views. It will also discuss ways of reading selected objects and texts more fully and contextually; and critique conventional art historical approaches that have historically obscured meaning. In this process, complex concepts of ‘self’, spirituality and social responsibility will emerge, embedded in the works or discourse around them. 

While it is important to remember that  Yoruba and ancient Indian cultures are distinct, and are generally studied separately, many interesting resonances between them exist. Also evident are startling echoes of modern and postmodern critical thought. These resonances hold radical and transformative potential for application to contemporary dilemmas and ways of being.

There will be eight illustrated lectures, two seminars, and several workshops all conducted via Zoom. The course was created and will be delivered by Dr. Ranjana Thapalyal.


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