28 King Street
G1 5QP


  • Location : Cinema, CCA Glasgow
  • Date : Friday, 02 February
  • Time : 6pm - 7.30pm
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For our first event of our 2018 programme, Transmission is pleased to present 'Glitch Feminism' a presentation by Legacy Russell in the Cinema at CCA Glasgow

Glitch Feminism embraces the causality of 'error' and turns the gloomy implication of ‘glitch’ on its ear by acknowledging that an error in a social system disturbed by economic, racial, social, sexual, cultural stratification, and the imperialist wrecking-ball of globalisation -processes that continue to enact violence on all bodies - may not be ‘error’ at all, but rather a much-needed erratum. The glitch posits: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a body.” The digital is a vessel through which our glitch ‘becoming’ realises itself, and through which we can reprogramme binary gender coding. Our ‘glitch’ is a correction to the machine—f**k hegemonic coding! USURP THE BODY—BECOME YOUR AVATAR!

Legacy Russell is a writer, artist, and cultural producer. Born and raised in New York City's East Village she is the UK Gallery Relations Lead and Gallery Partner Programs Lead for the online platform Artsy. Her work can be found in a variety of publications worldwide: BOMB, The White Review, Rhizome, DIS, The Society Pages, Guernica, Berfrois and beyond. Holding an MRes of Visual Culture with Distinction from Goldsmiths College at University of London, her academic and creative work focuses on gender, performance, digital selfdom, idolatry, and new media ritual. Her first book Glitch Feminism is forthcoming from Verso. Twitter: @legacyrussell | Instagram @ellerustle.


Accessibility info: The CCA Cinema is wheelchair accessible and has a hearing loop. For further info please check the CCA website here or email Transmisison us at info@transmissiongallery.org