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Gender As Performance

Dianne Torr

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Saturday, 23 January
  • Time : 12 - 4
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The GENDER AS PERFORMANCE workshop is a combination of interior realisations and verbal understandings of individual discovery. Within this workshop there is the chance for both physical and verbal dialogue. It has the possibility to bring a group of people to a new understanding of gender and identity, one which is not defined by the gender binary. In the workshop, participants explore some origins of gender/identity by looking into the creation of new transformation possibilities - developing new body languages.

I am guided by physical knowledge as a source of conscious understanding and this forms the basis of the GENDER AS PERFORMANCE workshop. In the workshop, I begin with an extended movement investigation, and this is done in the dark. We talk about the experience later.
Some of the things that we investigate include:
How to develop the freedom to transcend the gender binary?
Who owns gesture? - performing the self - what does that mean? 
What is the primordial self? 
What is the culturally motivated self?'

Places for GENDER AS PERFORMANCE are free but limited (book through eventbrite)

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