28 King Street
G1 5QP

Lee Lozano: A Materialist Reader

Helena Vilalta

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Friday, 21 October
  • Time : 7pm-9pm
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As part of our current show - 'Wet flannel on my side, like a saddle on a horse' - Transmission are delighted to welcome Helena Vilalta to Glasgow!

Spanning barely twelve years, Lee Lozano’s work embodies many of the contradictions of the art of the sixties. From her cartoon-like drawings of sexualised tools to her abstract paintings of energy waves through to her self-reflexive instruction pieces, Lozano’s shapeshifting art reflects the rapid transformations of subjectivity in the incipient information age. As we wrestle again with the impact of virtual technologies upon our lives, her attempt to reconcile the libidinal urges of the flesh and the abstraction inherent in conceptualism gains new urgency. This talk will discuss to what extent her engagement with matter might have anticipated current discussions around the posthuman subject.

Helena Vilalta is a PhD candidate in Art History at University College London and an associate lecturer on the MRes Exhibition Studies at Central Saint Martins. She is also senior editor of Afterall journal, writes art criticism for various publications and occasionally curates exhibitions.

Free and unticketed. The space has wheelchair access.