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RE: Respite

Ain Bailey, Alicia Mersy, Jamsine Brown-Rasé, Las Nietas De Nonó, Lydia Ourahmane

  • Location : Transmission Gallery
  • Date : Friday, 10 May - Monday, 17 June
  • Time : 11am - 5pm / Wednesdays - Saturdays
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RE: Respite
Dear friends,

We are in a process of revisioning. We come from spaces of the personal, political and artistic, to respond in a way of tracing our own journeys, reconsidering our choices, and our locations.

...the very meaning of ‘home’ changes with the experience
of decolonisation, of radicalisation.

At times, home is nowhere.
At times, one knows only extreme estrangement and alienation.
Then home is no longer just one place.

It is locations.

Home is that place which enables and promotes varied
and everchanging perspectives, a place where one
discovers new ways of seeing reality, frontiers of difference.

We offer this space of respite, to imagine, to nourish, to pause, to regain perspective, to give new meaning.



_ bell hooks – from yearnings: race, gender and cultural politics (1989)

Event Programme:

Sharing with Jasmine Brown-Rasé

Transmission Gallery

Saturday, 11/05/2019, 2pm - 4pm

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