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Scott Caruth - Artist Talk

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Saturday, 03 September
  • Time : 1pm - 3pm
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Through the month of September, Transmission presents a series of artist talks, beginning with Glasgow based artist Scott Caruth.

Scott’s latest project ‘Molatham’ is the culmination of a three year process in which he documented the practice of studio portraiture photography in the West Bank. During this time he was based with ISM (International Solidarity Movement) a Palestinian led non-violent resistance movement against the Israeli occupation. Coming from a background of activism, Caruth's work sets out to question the construction and dissemination of historical narratives

'Molatham' translates literally as ‘to cover ones face’ but is used vernacularly in Palestine to describe those resisting the Israeli occupation. The project uses this as a point of departure to explore the relationship between photography and the occupation.The project revolves around the issues of representation, ownership and access presented by this.

It will be published by Trolley Books in 2017.

Light refreshments will be provided.

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