28 King Street
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  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Saturday, 20 May - Saturday, 17 June
  • Time : 11am - 5pm / Tuesday - Saturday
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Transmission is excited to present: 

THE OTHER'D ARTIST/S, an exhibition curated by Travis Alabanza that opens May 20th at Transmission, Glasgow. The Other'd Artist/s is an exploration and documentation of how the Black body feels within spaces, in the gallery, out of the gallery. It's a creative clapback to the white walls that normally plaster our vision. The Other'd Artist/s aims to turn the gallery into a living room. From a place we stand in quiet solitutude, to a place where we can move, shout and lotion. With over 20+ Black artists exhibiting work in the space, including:

Zinzi Minott, The Black House, Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley, Jacob V Joyce, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Symoné, Dominique White, Christian Noelle, Xana, Joy Miessi, Christopher Kirubi, Harvey Dimond, Adelana Hughes, Nina Mdwaba, Matthew Arthur Williams and more - this is set to be a Black artistic takeover of the gallery - aiming to change the function of the space in its present and future.


Events (all are free and unticked)

May 20th @ 7pm - Please join us for the Opening Party!

9pm - Performance by Symoné

10pm until late - Junglehussy DJ set

(Refreshments provided)


May 21st - 1pm -6pm. (Refreshments and Lunch provided)

‘i am still standing right there’ an 8hr performance by Malik Nashad Sharpe

‘i am still standing right there’ is an expanded choreographic proposition for the gallery, a social event yearning for participation, and a centring of pro-Black/pro-Queer aesthetics. Moving through the contradictory experiences of ambivalence and joyousness, of melancholia and fierceness, the performance asks of the space: What can you hold and how can you hold it? Pushing the space to its limits in order to look at its function, the work interchanges freely between the most unabashed day-party featuring a curated collection of Cloud Rap, Trap, and Grime, and performative cry-out that amplifies Black/Queer melancholia. The  durational work sheds light on the uncanny intersection where carving space eventually becomes an emotionally laborious task, through repetitive 1-hr loops.


May 27th @ 7pm -Performance// NDINGUNINA // Nina Mdwaba 



Please continue to check back to the website as events will be added as the programme evolves and full artist bios will shortly be available!



Event Programme:

Opening Night Performance by Symoné


May 20th, 9pm

'I am still standing right there' by Malik Nashad Sharpe


May 21st



May 27th @ 7pm

Conversation, Snack, Share // Imagine Futures Together



Press Release

Exhibiting Artists:

Adelana Hughes is a Fine Art student who uses textiles, collage, text and photography in an attempt to explore aspects of Yoruba culture in relation to black British identity, displacement and diaspora.


Christopher Kirubi is a writer and artist living and working in London. Through a promiscuous  application of photography, poetry, sound and sculpture their work wants to imagine bodies where they are not there and, when they are there, to complicate the possibility of reading them.


Christian Noelle Charles is a Black Female Artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. A Syracuse,New York native, Christian's work is an exploration of female representation and self-love in a contemporary world.

Christian takes inspiration from today's pop culture, modern performance techniques, and personal experiences . She also derives inspiration as a performance artist from the relationship between performer and audience member. By using the mediums of printmaking, video, and performance her work demonstrates a celebration of self-love and individuality.


Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley

I am an artist that works using Film and Audio to create work that Queers questions around race and gender. As a Non-Binary Trans Queer Black individual myself I am continuously fighting images projected on to me. I aim to make work that not only archives the existence of Queer Trans Intersex People of Colour but also seek to create alongside them. My film I am presenting is called ‘The Look” is about confidence that can be passed on between people of colour just by looking. It's about communicating through the body. My work focuses on creatively archiving Queer Trans People of Colour, capturing and recording aspects of our lives. 


Dominique White’s work references the many nautical myths of the diaspora specifically associated with Black death, afterlife and the Kalunga line. Dominique combines her personal experiences of trauma and displacement with afro-pessimist views of the current and questions the sincerity of utopian notions of the future. She constructs artefacts using wood, kaolin, palm leaves and gold leaf which act as mediators between this reality and an alternative utopia.

Recent exhibitions and publications include: In Search of Our Mother's Garden (London, 2017), Our Sweet Souls (London, 2016) and Apogee Journal (New York, 2016). Dominique completed a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths in 2015 and she now lives and works in London.


Harvey Dimond

I am a queer person of colour working with photography, video installation and textiles to promote discussions about the current situation for people of colour in Britain, with a particular interest in re-examining and discussing British black histories.

This work is a memorial to the countless people of colour who have been murdered by the police in Britain.


Jacob V Joyce is a non binary interdisciplinary artist that disrupts commercial and community spaces with queer and decolonial, creative interventions. Currently working as an illustrator for Global Justice Now, Jacob creates the art work for international human rights campaigns as well as comic books and zines addressing personal and global instances of systemic oppression.
As a member of the sorryyoufeeluncomfortable collective and the front person for the band Screaming Toenail, Jacob’s work brings satirical and theatrical critiques to institutional and every day instances of marginalisation. As well as self-publishing a number of illustrated books addressing a variety of political issues, Jacob performs spoken word and solo electronic music which combines ritualistic voice looping with poetic strategies of resistance. In the past Jacob has curated a number of exhibitions including the two week Brixton based festival Survival Guides which featured art works, performances and workshops by over 50 artists. Jacob was one of many activists involved in organising the five London Queer Social Centres and more recently the QTIPOC (queer trans intersex people of colour) lead/centred Queer Picnic.  Studying a Masters in Art and Politics at Goldsmiths until 2018 Jacob intends to continue using art to support and encourage working class, Poc, LGBTQIA and other groups who are perpetually disenfranchised by UK governments to communally and autonomously take direct action and force structural changes in our political landscapes. 

Joy Miessi

My work is a self-documentation of my life and experience as an individual from the diaspora. I was born in the UK and have been raised in an environment that was congolese at home and British outside of that. My childhood was a clash of two cultures and ultimately left me with the feeling of displacement as a black congolese person in Britain and a black British person in Congo. My text based work articulates my experience as a black person in the UK and my journey of understanding origin, race and it’s intersection within British culture. I use a range of processes such as drawing, painting and collaging to compose pieces that make reference to my everyday life here in Britain, crossing cultures through the use of hand type, inspired by Congolese shop fronts, to create work that reflects my identity and viewpoint as an artist affected by the history of the diaspora of Congolese people.


Malik Nashad Sharpe is an experimental choreographer originally from New York City, now

based in London. His work exists and operates at the nexus of Blackness and Queerness, and colludes desire, violence, melancholia, joyousness and the advent of allostatic load in order to find ulterior futurities and to manifest other possibilities for his body. He currently makes work under the alias Marikiscrycrycry--three cries like three cheers for the melancholic, conflictual, gay af black boy.

He has performed his work widely in New York City, and London, as well as internationally, including at Secret Project Robot Art Experimental (USA), Panoply Performance Lab (USA), Otion Front Studio (USA), CLOUD at Danslab (USA), Rich Mix (UK), Theatre Utopia (UK), Hackney Showroom (UK), AKC Medika (HR), Bushwick Open Studios (USA), 62' CTD (USA), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (USA), Five Myles Gallery (USA), Toynbee Hall/ArtsAdmin (UK), ShuaSpace (USA), Krannert Center for Performing Arts (USA), Bonnie Bird Theatre (UK), Theatre Utopia (UK) amongst others. He also performs for other artists and has worked with Project O (UK), Dalston Ballet (UK), Shua Group (USA), Cynthia Oliver (USA), Randy Reyes (USA), Night Star Dance Company (IE), Hana van der Kolk (NL/USA), and others. In 2016, he formed choreographic duo EEMATIONAL with Montreal-based Ellen Furey. Their first duet "NO NATIONALISM" is being supported by Vermont Performance Lab (USA), Studio 303 (CA), and Hackney Showroom (UK), and will premiere at Montreal's Theatre La Chapelle in 2018.

Malik is an Associate Artist at Hackney Showroom, and a 2017 Fierce Festival artist.


Matthew Arthur Williams is a visual artist who predominantly works with photography and publication formats to explore the self, navigating in various surroundings both physically and socially.


Nina Siphesihle Pinkie Mdwaba is a South African born (1995) Theatre Maker, actress , sculptor and writer. Nina works predominantly with handmade puppets, music and movement, whilst incorporating various themes ,rooted in her African culture. She completed her primary schooling and initial years of high school in South Africa before moving independently to Brighton, England in 2012, where she completed her A-Levels in Art, theatre and psychology. Whilst at college , Nina was awarded a silver and gold in solo acting by LAMDA , scoring the highest in her year. She currently attends Glasgow university where she studies a joint honours in Theatre and Psychology and hopes to pursue a career in theatre. She also runs a successful blog “Boldieaintaboy” where she writes about theatre,politics ,her experiences as a feminist and as a queer women of colour. Nina has been actively involved in theatre from the early age of 7. Recently, Nina has been involved in the Cecilians musical theatre group at her university and performed a solo and ensemble piece in the honours directing projects this year. She is currently working on a play and hopes to form an all inclusive theatre company at her university before graduating in 2019.


Symoné is a professional hula hoop performer and instructor, cabaret artist, choreographer, and rollarskater.  She currently holds a Guinness World Record with The Majorettes for 'most hoops spun simultaneously as a group', she can spin 40 hoops on her body at once! With an attitude equally sass as it is fierce, she combines circus style hooping with dance. In the past she has had the opportunity to work with Sun Ra's Arkestra, Rookie Magazine, Jon Hopkins, Kensington Palace, Dell, Glastonbury festival, and many more.


The Black House

Temporarily taking over spaces we transform them to create warm, inviting, familiar, and rejuvenating black homes. We invite only black artists to exhibit their work and merchandise, screen black TV shows and films; put on intimate music sets; workshops; in-depth, honest discussions around blackness; and room to make new connections. We intend for Black people to begin asking again what black collectivity is and looks like, and what our future will look like. We aim to immerse those who come to our events in a loving and healing blackness, a safe environment for recuperation and growth; a place to gather, share, dance, think and plan together. 

We centre the artistic endeavours of  women and gender nonconforming black people, knowing that the voices and experiences of the most marginalised of us are the least heard and that any credible vision of a liberated future must be borne from these voices. 

Tobi Nicole Adebajo is a queer femme poet, singer and writer who works to incorporate various aspects of topics revolving around love, politics and Yoruba culture into their work.


Xana is a multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of tech and the arts. Xana focuses on interrogating the next evolution of queerness within futurism, inclusivity in tech, narratives of migration, trauma/depression and archives as the basis for redefining the voice of the other. 

Over the past year Xana has been looking at how data would not exist without people. Particularly how data is transforming our lives, by the way it is collected and valued and how the interpretation of that data is crucial to the future of marginalised people. 

Xana composes music by beatboxing, vocal harmonising, instrumentation and using field recordings from Peckham High Street to sounds of space collected by NASA. 

Xana collaborates with theatre makers and companies as a sound designer exploring ways to break down sound and make it more accessible to all theatregoers. 

Xana is currently working on a sound installation series called THIRST. Intertwining light, poetry, sound and live data. Mapping visions of the future and not monuments to ourselves. 


Zinzi Minott's solo and collaborative pursuits focus on the relationships between dance and politics. She is interested in how dance is perceived through the prisms of race, queer culture, gender and class.

Her practice is driven through Dance, and her outcomes range from dances, performance, Live Art, Sound, Film, and Objects.

Zinzi is interested in the space between Dance and Art and is creating a habitat between the two worlds.