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The Second Communisate with Protektorama

Johannes Paul Raether

  • Location : Transmission, Glasgow
  • Date : Saturday, 20 June - Sunday, 21 June
  • Time : 12pm - 4pm
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Transmission are excited to present The Witch And The Swarm, a solo project by Johannes Paul Raether, and his first in Scotland.

Raether lives and works in Berlin, but will bring two personae, or self-described 'figures’, to Glasgow that have been in development over several years: Protektorama, the world healing witch, and the more embryonic Swarm Being. The Witch And The Swarm is a project in three parts. During normal gallery hours Transmission’s white womb will incubate an installation of devotional fetish-objects, a hoard of post-fordist swag lovingly collated and stitched together from the witches’ past outings. The Witch And The Swarm will also be encountered dribbling out of the mouth of Glasgow's ex-industrial bloodline, the River Clyde - where Johannes will present the Swarm Being - and in the celestial setting of the Isle of Arran's ancient stone circles where we, together with Protektorama, will celebrate the summer solstice.

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