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This Catalogue of Poses - Evan Ifekoya

Evan Ifekoya

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Sunday, 25 September
  • Time : 3pm - 5pm
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The third of Transmission's September expanded artist talks, with London based artist Evan Ifekoya.

This Catalogue of Poses is a radio play-in progress exploring the daily lives of four figures in a photograph, some of whom are more alive than others. Beginning at a spectral house club night in London, the characters dialogue as if inhabiting the past and future simultaneously.
For this iteration of the live broadcast, Evan has been reworking the script in light of the context of Glasgow in collaboration with Cass Ezeji, who will be a co- performer for the event. This work forms part of Evan's ongoing project 'A Score, A Groove, A Phantom' which investigates archives of blackness, sociality and inheritance as they diffract through queer nightlife and trauma in the present moment.
The original score has been devised in collaboration with Netherlands based producer aigrefou.