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Transmission Archive Launch

  • Location : Transmission Website
  • Date : Saturday, 29 July
  • Time : 11am
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Transmission is pleased to announce the launch of the Archive section of our website. Please keep a close eye on the Transmission website, everything's going online at 11am on Saturday July 29th!!



Unlike archive sections of some gallery websites, ours does not contain documentation of all previous exhibitions and events. To see such material you’ll have to visit our research room where the physical archive is stored, something which is freely accessibly whenever the space is open. This room also contains a library, collection of slides and other visual material left by artists and researchers in the days before digital documentation. A physical encounter with the archival, promotional, and research materials, as well as the art on display, was a key part of the pre-Internet Transmission experience. Such an encounter enabled different kinds of collisions to occur between artefacts, people and ideas that might not take place in the digital era. So instead of digitising our archive (a mammoth task, as it contains over thirty years of material), over the coming years we will be inviting artists, curators and writers to visit the resource room and produce a small project for the website that documents their experience with the archive in some way. This will often involve digitising material that's stored down there, revisiting and resituating it in a contemporary context, or reflecting on it. Some of those that will be invited might have been around when Transmission first opened, while others were not even born when the space came into being in 1983.
On July 29th 2017 we are launching the platform itself, a structure proposed and enacted by James N Hutchinson, alongside the first two Archive projects. Alan Michael was invited to reflect on his experience as a committee member in the late 1990s, specifically focusing on Ellen Cantor’s 2000 exhibition, Within Heaven and Hell, in the context of a series of major retrospectives in the years following her death in 2013. Panel, an independent curatorial practice led by Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan, were also invited to traverse the archive. Viewing it from a design perspective, they have chosen to focus on the posters contained in the plan chest. This project is a design-content-circumstance analysis in the form of a conversation between McEachan (who was on the Transmission committee from 2004-07) and Duffy (who has never been on the Transmission committee).
The third and fourth projects will be launched in the autumn, so watch this space!

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