28 King Street
G1 5QP

Wet Flannel On My Side, Like A Saddle On A Horse

Angharad Williams, Sebastian Ymai, Orestis Lazouras, Lee Lozano

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Saturday, 01 October - Saturday, 05 November
  • Time : 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday
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 Transmission is excited to present new works by Angharad Williams (Wales, 1984), Orestis Lazouras (Cyprus, 1994) and Sebastian Ymai (Chile, 1989) alongside two drawings by Lee Lozano (USA, 1930-1999).



Lee Lozano’s practice was diverse; she produced work that was innovative in many of the [major movements] of the mid/latter 20th century. Her work often addressed masculine-dominated trends in contemporary art and constituted a commentary on this. Her drawings, at times, were fantastically profane. Lozano’s conceptual work extended into lived experience, highlighting her gendered position in relation to the art world, with an approach that was often fearless, provocative and eventually isolationist. Although she was mostly known for her conceptual actions of the 1970s, Transmission are pleased to be able to bring to Glasgow two of her hand-tool drawings from the 1960s.


Angharad is an artist who works with language, amongst other things. Often manifesting in spoken word performance which inform her sculptural works,

which regularly consist of crafted objects. These works suggest absent characters. Stories are formed out of despair, vulgarity and seduction. She is a bossy bastard with a big heart. Her name means ‘Loved One’ in Welsh.


Glasgow’s own Sebastian Ymai is a sassy pansy who makes screen-prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photocopies, and plays in punk bands. In collaboration with friends, he facilitates queer punk gigs, exhibitions, clubnights and performances as Spite House. His work in this show contains imagery that has been sampled and reworked from sources including the pop video ‘Querida’ by Mexican idol Juan Gabriel, and a still from a Youtube video which depicts the anonymous grave of Salvador Allende.


Orestis is a cute and romantic boy who wears a pink hoodie. He titillates the room with his almost sexy friends, rendered in an assortment of bought and found things. They stand up, they hang out, and squat; such wonderful expanses of tummy and thigh. Thanks must also go to Orestis’ father for lending his son’s portrait for the exhibition.


Orestis, Angharad and Sebastian have been making work around each other, in the space, for the last week or so.