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What We Inherit

  • Location : Online
  • Date : Thursday, 07 July - Saturday, 24 September
  • Time : 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
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Transmission has been involved in a deep interrogation of its role as an Artist-Run-Initiative and art institution. Over the last few years, committee members have experienced the consequences of over-extended voluntary labour, where the current formation of Transmission leaves gaps for suitable care and effective organising. What We Inherit, or the constitution programme, will investigate alternative structures of governance that will protect the committee from personal legal liabilities, allow them remuneration; and open the space to different forms of organising. However, in order to do this, we will need an overhaul that involves a constitution rewrite. 

Transmission has been trying to work outside of default institutional practices, but a paradox arises when it also needs to be legitimised by potentially bureaucratic and colonial guidelines. In order to try and find the most suitable governance structure, we have decided to weave this search into our programming. A constitution is a document that defines the actions of an institution or organisation, and with that in mind, we want to open the discourse of what our constitution can be, and should be. We want to reimagine sustainable ways of existing for Artist-Run-Initiatives and volunteer spaces in a way that is community-led and driven. 

The constitution is inextricably tied into Transmission’s status as a ‘charitable organisation’, a governance model that has served us for the last thirty-nine years. It’s far from perfect, but it has allowed Transmission to evolve fluidly, supporting the intentions and commitments of every new committee. The question of how suitable the constitution of Transmission is for the current day and age has been an ongoing debate passed through various committees. Due to the heavy legacy of the organisation and its history within the contemporary art scene, it is understandable that such a decision to revisit the constitution has been met with a multiplicity of responses - excitement, elation, alarm or resistance. 

Transmission’s constitution is no longer functioning like it once did. In the context of the changing socio-political and economic climate that individuals are forced to endure, the constitution does not allow Transmission to survive or thrive. Neither does it protect the committee members while they volunteer their time to keep the organisation afloat. The situation becomes an ethical and a theoretical dilemma, one where we need to question what institutional requirements must be met for Transmission to remain legitimate, and to survive within the structures it is ambivalent about. As an organisation that tries to counter and avoid reinforcing these very frameworks, how can this line be walked? These sessions will set out what Transmission’s values are and question whether its current constitution and governance model are in alignment with those values. 


‘What We Inherit’ consists of five public, online sessions with a focus on Transmission’s constitution: a deliberately vague set of principles that set in motion the formation of Transmission as an organisation in 1983, and a document that is about to turn forty years old in 2023. 

This is an invitation for you to join us in considering how Transmission’s constitution can be reconstructed. Through a community-led and decolonial approach, the aim of this programme is to have an open and transparent discussion about the values of Transmission. What we gain and learn from these sessions will act as the foundation for Transmission’s constitutional rewrite.

What We Inherit is about reworking Transmission’s constitution into something that will not remove the fluidity and the vision of Transmission’s existence, but rather extend and protect what it has been. Transmission aims to continue being relevant, beneficial, experimental, and accessible. The programme is structured to think through the nature, nuances and existences of ARIs in Scotland and beyond, and discuss what the values of Transmission are and should be, before tying it back to the formation of our future constitution and governance. With love and care weaved through these five online sessions, anyone who is invested or interested in these concerns is welcome to join. 



Please note: All sessions will be recorded.


  • Unfortunately, there will be no BSL, Live Captioning or Audio Description for some of these sessions; however all videos will be made available later with captions and transcription. If you are unable to make the session but are still invested in the programme, we would love for you to watch it back in your own time and submit your comments to us at info@transmissiongallery.org with the subject line: WHAT WE INHERIT. This will be fed into reevaluating the Constitution over the next months. 
  • We will request participant/speaker's consent before making the recordings public. 
  • All sessions will be archived on the website - we will share the link to access this in our next newsletter. 
  • Each session will have a separate Eventbrite page to register for free tickets. You can find the Eventbrite link on our website and Instagram. We will send you a Zoom link closer to the time of the session. 



Event Programme:

'Parallel Contingencies'

The first session of the series of online programmes opens with a conversation between Scottish-based Artist-Run-Initiatives - Transmission Gallery, Market Gallery, GENERATOR and Rhubaba - facilitated by Chris Biddlecombe. After a brief introduction to each ARI, we will move onto discussing the concerns around the committee’s relationship to itself, its board, its membership and its community - that will further bring into discussion intricacies around labour, governance structures and funding within ARIs. The session will open to a brief audience at the end. 

This session will take place over a Zoom Webinar. Register on Eventbrite! Thursday, 7th July 2022; 2-4pm GMT

'Together, we propose…'

Panel Discussion Rahee Punyashloka, Aman Sandhu, Priyanka Paul and Bobby Sayers facilitated by Meenakshi Thirukode. 'Together, we propose...' brings together Priyanka, Rahee, Bobby, Aman and Meenakshi in conversation about what they have been collectively/individually imagining beyond institutional critique. ‘What We Inherit’ gives us a chance to come together and play a part in restructuring frameworks and ways of functioning and relating to both institutions and each other. Oftentimes this process reveals how we still replicate and/or exclude intersections of oppression. Collectively, therefore, we are far more interested in what it takes to think together, work together and actualise what's often just penned down on paper. As a working group, we will present what each of us would like the ‘constitution’ to include, stemming from a few discussions we have had over the last months.

This session will take place over a regular Zoom call. We will share the Eventbrite link on the Website and Instagram. Saturday, 9th July 2022; 2-4pm GMT

'The WIG Feel-Tank: how to ask for better conditions for independent artists of color'

Panel Discussion between Fannie Sosa, Navild Acosta and Neema Gethere Black folks and people of color are out making culture, like we always have been since times immemorial. But white supremacist patriarchal capitalism has upgraded itself and once again our cultural production is capitalised on, while our bodies, well-being and communities are still expendable. Consumerism from the other side of the barbed wire fence is extractivism. Extractivism - bottling the knowledge, without caring for the people, leaving holes in existence - is what white institutions are almost irredeemably built to perpetrate, unless they have a strong will, purposeful practice and vigilant understanding of redistribution, reparation and rest. In 2016, artist Sosa created the WIG, a non exhaustive compilation of ways cultural institutions can, and should, and will, redistribute their material and immaterial resources when welcoming Black folks, people of color and our audiences. Join us for a Feel Tank where artists Navild Acosta, Neema Githere, and Sosa will be discussing enhanced ways to ask institutions for better conditions.

This session will take place over a Zoom Webinar. We will share the Eventbrite link on the website and Instagram. Saturday, 16th July 2022; 5-7pm GMT

'What We Inherit - Town Hall Session'

A session for the members that will be hosted by Sukhy Parhar.

This session will take place over Zoom. We will share the Eventbrite link on the website and Instagram. September dates and details TBC

'Transmission Shares its Values'

A conversation between Transmission Committee members facilitated by Gordon Douglas.

This session will take place over Zoom. We will share the Eventbrite link on the website and Instagram. September dates and details TBC

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