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Zine Photocopying Party

Letitia Beatriz AKA ~*care and rage*~

  • Location : Transmission Gallery
  • Date : Tuesday, 12 April
  • Time : 3:30 - 5:30
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Letitia Beatriz AKA ~*care and rage*~ is a collaborative entity ; a practice of entanglement with and through queer / feminist relations.

zi exists through trans-temporal un subjectivities embodied in daily performances and lived struggles of gender, bodies, time and space.

hir practice involves generating and sharing collective research and embodied feels - complicating you & i & we in and around reproductive labours & invisible, performative knowledges

~*care and rage*~ & the dalkon shelf offers ongoing research, materials and conversations and desires around queer reproductive politics and radical practices of health / care as embodied forms of resistances to survive and navigate the medical industrial complex.

Event Programme:

Zine Photocopying Party 2

Transmission Gallery

18th May, 1:00 - 3:00pm

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