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i am still standing right there

Malik Nashad Sharpe

  • Location : Transmission
  • Date : Sunday, 21 May
  • Time : 1pm-6pm
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Sunday May 21st (1pm - 6pm, refreshments and lunch provided) // Malik Nashad Sharpe // Performance

‘i am still standing right there’ is an expanded choreographic proposition for the gallery, a social event yearning for participation, and a centring of pro-Black/pro-Queer aesthetics as a methodology for survival within a phobic majoritarian culture. Moving through the contradicting experiences of ambivalence and joyousness, of melancholia and fierceness, the performance exists as a radical positioning where contemporary art practice meets the realities of the current moment. The moment where mirrors are held towards the space and its public, and placed into high-relief. 

'i am still standing right there' asks of the space: What can you hold andhow can you hold it? Pushing the gallery and its context to its limits in order to look at its function, the work interchanges freely between the most unabashed day-party featuring a curated collection of Cloud Rap, Trap, and Grime, and also a performative, poetical cry-out that amplifies Black/Queer melancholia by mining the personal and the political alongside the production of aesthetics. The phrase "i am still standing right there" comes from the experience of not being able to move beyond the spectacle of Black death and the fissure it leaves in social consciousness. It also asserts, in defiance, that I am still standing right there. Unable to move, unable to cope, but moving, and coping altogether. Nothing to lose, only questions to ask, spaces to carve. The durational work sheds light on the uncanny intersection where carving and maintaining space eventually becomes an emotionally laborious task through repetitive 1-hr loops.

It's our party: we can shake our asses and cry at the same time.


The performance is part of THE OTHER’D ARTIST/S programme, which runs May 20th - June 17th, Tues - Sat, 11am-5pm 

The space is wheelchair accessible, but please contact us if you have any further accessibility requirements - info@transmissiongallery.org or 0141 552 7141.

Refreshments and food provided :)
Free & unticketed!

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