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General Questions

The old website was decommissioned in December 2015 to make way for the re-designed version. The old site can be viewed using the Wayback Machine, or a copy of the source code, which has been added to Transmission's archives.

A major part of the new website has been looking at the way we store and manage information in our membership database. You can now manage and update your own information via the website, and your changes save immediately into the gallery's database - this should keep the database much more current and clean.

Another feature is that every active member of the gallery now has a login for the website. This login allows you to access a section where you can manage personal details, create a personal Member page and view a list of lendable resources (such as audio-visual equiptment).

By linking the membership database to the website we’ve also fully automated the process of becoming a member and renewing your membership - applications will now be made via the website, members can pay membership fees via Paypal or by paying-in-kind and user profiles will be automatically generated when you apply. In short, many of the laborious administration tasks involved with running the space on a day-to-day basis are now either partly or fully automated.

Finally, in reflection of the fact that websites are no longer only accessed using desktop computers, we've designed the new site to be fully accessible to those browsing the Web on mobile and tablet devices.


It's likely you have an existing membership which has expired. Rather than trying to set up a new membership you need to renew your expired membership.

Use the Forgotten Password function to generate a temporary password which will allow you to log into your expired account and renew (either by Paying in Kind or with Paypal).