28 King Street
G1 5QP
Veronica McGeehan
Up and coming Artist

Artist Statement:

My practice is driven by the extreme provocation of mankind, with specific attention being paid to choice, consequence and the reverberating trace impacted upon the self.

The most recent collection of work produced examined the prolific actions of five men; each becoming definitive examples of how mind and body become intrinsically linked with ‘the home’.

The plateau conceived within our childhood home is debated as becoming the foundation upon which our comprehension for society is developed.

For each of the five it solidified their approach to life; from the galvanisation of murder aided by their ingrained ideology of control, whilst imparting a traumatic and psychological embrace on each of their domains.


b.1990, London


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(2013) Digital Photography, Variable Dimensions
Close up shot of Detail: Vicky, Dinah and Angelika
(2014) 0.82 x 14m (82 x 1400cm) Acrylic yarn, spun into three distinctive patterns with a consistent colour scheme throughout.
Aerial Shot of Installation, detailed left to right: Beryl Evans, Robert Piest, Tracey Edwards, Steve Sinclair, Vicky, Dinah and Angelika.
(2014) Acrylic Yarn, Variable Dimensions of each piece.
Dinah McNicoll
(2013) Variable Dimensions, Digital Media.
8213 Summerdale Ave
(2013) Variable Dimensions, Photograph of installation detail.