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Artist Statement:



In a fast paced world reaching for endless growth and perfection, I am seeking to know the potential of a slower, more embodied way of being that is at home with ‘imperfection’ and embraces the potential to be found in vulnerability, woundedness and ageing.   

For the past two years I have been in creative conversation with some ancient beech trees, following my fascination with their wounds, fissures and scar tissues that speak of their lived history, strength and vulnerability.  Being with these trees has underlined the ambivalent relationship we have with impermanence and the cycle of creation and destruction.

It has been a dialogue dialogue carried out in pencil, paint, wax, fire, photographs, words and silence. I use a limited, muted palette on beech wood panels to disclose the sinuous embodied presence of the trees, to capture the beauty that can be found in the healed scars and the marks of time that is part of their reality as beings-towards-death.

My interest in the potential to be found in woundness is continuing with my current project based on the eye and an expereince of distorted vision due to a severe inflammation.

‘All life is an act of letting go’ Life of Pi


As a child I played with paint, had a chemistry set and microscope, tried to hatch a silkworm moth, and collected fossils. Discovery and creativity continued to be twin passions I pursued in my varied career as a research scientist, expedition leader, trainer, coach and facilitator. These experiences are part of the rich tangle of roots that feed and nourish my practice as an artist.

I graduated from the Open College of Art in 2015 with a 1st class BA (Hons) Degree in Painting.

“Art is a way of knowing. It’s a medium of thinking, and it’s one that grants pleasure.” Jerry Saltz


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