28 King Street
G1 5QP
Abandoned Thoughts 2016
How long before I become a memory?

Artist Statement:

Memories are a fundamental part of our lives; they change and shape almost every thought and moment in our daily routine. They are fragile, fragmented and unreliable and yet without them we are without identity; we lose our identity when we forget.  

Jamie F Simpson invites visitors into a multi-layered interior of hidden and forgotten structures containing moving images, sounds and site dependent installations.  

Discussing concepts of identity, absence, repetition, time, place and memory, Simpson explores the intrinsic connections between narrative, text and image. Through these bold and provocative notions and concepts he attempts to influence a change in the mind of the viewer by forcing them to imagine their own life and memories as art.    


Glaswegian artist, Jamie F Simpson lives and works in Carlisle where he completed his BA Fine Art and MA Contemporary Fine Art degrees at University of Cumbria. 


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“Pulvis et umbra sumus” is a line of a poem by the Roman poet Horace published in 13 BC.
In this video the artist questions the way that we understand and accept memory and mortality.
'The Memory of War' explores the relationship between text, narrative and image.
With opposing contexts enquires are made into a correlation between public & private memory & the notion of a default memory within Dementia
Always, Forever, Love.
They lose their meaning, it is lost, it is forgotten, they become other, they are ghosts, they become a trace, an afterthought, a lie.
Remember to remember that what you remember may not be what you remember at all.