28 King Street
G1 5QP
S is for Sunflower Snake

Artist Statement:

After completing a research and creative practice masters at Glasgow School of Art, I am currently living, working and practising in Glasgow. I teach drawing workshops to children and young adults and have a small dog who is supportive of my endeavours.
My creative practice involves starting points that vary in physical scale and conceptual magnitude; all thematic endeavours pertain to encouraging an understanding of my existence within culture, society, nature and overarching narratives. My research practice leads me to challenge and unpick dominant political and social narratives, working with writing and drawing to work out how things come to be and never letting things settle, informed by an eco-feminist standpoint derived from works by Donna Haraway, Lygia Clarke, Rebecca Horn, Helen Chadwick, Sandra Harding, Anna Tsing, Karen Barad and many others.


London born, Hastings grown up, Glasgow living. 

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