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There Is A Question In My Mind Lord
By John S. Savage

Artist Statement:

In the thirty-one years I have spent as an actor/film maker/poet/writer/photographer/director, my themes (and obsessions) have basically stayed the same: the decay an disintegration of the human mind and its surroundings, the ludicrous nature of masculity and, in various guises, my own place in a world I struggle to understand.  I have been called a miserablist, and it is aword I quite like in a perverse kind of way,mainly because I, myself, tend to be an upbeat kind of person, using my art to project my darker thoughts and feelings.  Apart from that I prefer not to explain my art in any great detail, genuinely adhering to the old cliche of 'the the work speak for itself.'


John S. Savage was born in Glasgow in 1970.

He is

a poet (published works include 'Scar Tissue' and 'Hey, Jack!')

an actor of stage a screen in various plays and short films (no television, he hates television)

a performace artist (shows include 'Ballad Of The Forgotten Man', 'Midnight Confession OfThe Plague Boy' and 'Midnight Meat Show'. 

an experimntal short  film maker (films include 'Perso Poesie', Aberration', 'Ascension' and the forthcoming 'Octavia')  He is also is also in pre-prouction with his first feature 'Benjamin at f16')

a photographer


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