28 King Street
G1 5QP
Performance, Villa Arson, 21.06.2019

Artist Statement:

My work is mixed-media based, I build systems, mostly combining writings, sculptures, and performances, that bring together all the materials I'm using, and to give form to them.
I design sculptures, inspired by craft techniques, magic realism in literature, legendary creatures. They are to be considered in an animist way, not actually as objects, nor as accessories, but more as beings. They are then linked with various stories, either written or oral, through performances or editions, that allow them to come to life. 



I was born in France in 1996, I studied in Nice for five years at the National Superior School of Art, the Villa Arson, where I developed a practice mixing mainly sculptures and performances. I am currently on the MLitt of Fine Arts Practise in the performance pathway, at the Glasgow School of Arts.

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Dieter, 2018
wood, steel, 130x40x200cm, (photography by J-C Lett)
Simon, 2019
blueprint, lamb leather, cotton, 130x50x25cm
Exhibition view, 2019
Villa Arson (photography by Silina Syan)
Julio, 2018
wood, re-engraved mahjong tiles, 15x15x25cm
Stories (2017, 2018, 2019)
Edition, 100 pages, available during the show