Current Committee (2022 - )

Chao-Ying Elizabeth Rao

First Committee (1983 - 1986)

Alastair Magee
Lesley Raeside
John Rogan
Michelle Baucke
Alistair Strachan

Transmission (b.1983) is an artist-run organisation that supports and is supported by its membership and surrounding communities in Glasgow and beyond.

Operating in multiple capacities, Transmission works with artists in the production of exhibitions, events, exchanges, residencies and publications. It also shares various resources with its membership in order to facilitate activities outside of its own programming. As the longest standing artist-run space in Glasgow, it houses an archive of materials connected to the activities of the gallery and its membership, whilst remaining active a present-day social hub.

Transmission labours under the banner of autonomy - but is deeply (inter-)dependant on a variety of factors and players that determine the operational parameters of the space and its activities. As a registered charity, it is held together by a combination of state funding, voluntary labour, and the on-going construction of its community. It is constitutionally engrained that all Transmission activities and resources remain free, and that each and every person that works with it receive fair pay, now and forever. It is one of the inherent contradictions of Transmission that whilst dogmatically enforcing fair pay for artists and creative practitioners, it is managed and programmed by a voluntary committee of six people, each of whom joins successively and may serve for a maximum of two years.