27 April - 24 May

Open Call


Transmo is looking to support four of our members with our CREATORS FUND. If you have an ongoing project you’d like us to support, or are at that stage of your practice you could do with access to a small budget and space to take your work to the next step - we would love for you to apply!

Apply HERE

If you would like to submit your application in a more accessible format to you, please get in touch with us via email.

🚨DEADLINE: 24th OF MAY 2023 🚨

The Creator’s Fund consists of:

✨Up to £500 to contribute towards ongoing work (not a new commission) whether that is research and development, travel or anything else that will help you in the next steps of your exciting project.

✨ Two studio visits from two Transmission committee members, who are:
Maria - installation and multimedia: body, fear and power (@mariatillmaria)
Sara - multimedia: Middle Eastern feminism and representation (@spakdelc.art, www.spakdelc.com)
Betty - performance and photography: the abject, grotesque, and comedic (@femme.castratrice, chaoyingrao.com)
Josie - sculpture and installation: DIY, mixed media, and Identity politics (@josieko_art)
Oren - performance, writing and sculpture: Sacred profanity, gender dissidence, madness and liberation (orenshoesmith@gmail.com)
Anika - installation, video & text: the in-between and the immaterial, structures of power and suppression (www.anikaahuja.com)

✨Access to the upstairs gallery of Transmission from Wed - Sunday for one week to use either as a studio, host workshops or talks, or show work and invite others to see it too.

⚡️We are looking for clear, concise proposals that are easy to read and understand. Please no pretentious art industry jargon it pains us sorry not sorry. Be honest, be yourself, and tell us how it is. You can use this fun app to help make your writing more clear: https://hemingwayapp.com/. We aren’t looking for polished or perfect, we’re looking for exciting work, and applicants will be selected on a need-based scale ⚡️

Creator's Fund